What is an ALEI?

An Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (ALEI) is an identifier issued by a government agency to identify a legal entity. Government agencies issue ALEIs when they register the formation of an organization, for example, a company or when they register a birth.

There may be several numbers on a birth certificate or on a company certificate of formation. One of these will be the ALEI; this is often called the file or record number, and it is the reference number used by the agency to identify the legal entity.

ALEI Key Facts

  • The ALEI is an “Authoritative Identifier” as opposed to an assigned “Proxy Identifier”
  • Provides a single, unique identifier for each legal entity
  • Data is populated from the formation record or birth certificate of the organization
  • It is an application of the ISO 8000-115 standard that covers the subject of “Quality Identifiers”


Today, it is common to identify trading partners by their names without any effort to check that those names (or the spelling of the names) are correct; this leads to the creation of duplicate supplier or customer records.

By having the ALEI and the correct legal name, one can avoid this problem. You should know your own ALEI and legal name, as well as those of your trading partners.

You should put your ALEI on your business card and in your email signature. This web site is designed to help you look up your ALEI and legal name, as well as those of your trading partners.

ALEI Key Benefits

  • Positive identification of trading partners through authoritative data source
  • Faster onboarding of new trading partners
  • Mitigate risk of trading with unknown entities
  • Identify duplicated entities in the vendor master
  • Create organization relationship models (who owns who)

Tools and Solutions for
Legal Entity Identification

Search eALEI

Search for and discover
organizations that have
registered ALEIs

Create ALEI

A simple tool to research,
create and register an ALEI for
an organization

Request ALEI

A convenient tool for buyers
to request and validate ALEIs
from trading partners