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Find My eALEI

All are welcome to ask ECCMA to research their ALEI or the ALEIs of their customers or suppliers and these are added to . As a result, your ALEI may already be in the database so start your search by entering your legal name in the search box in the header above. Legal names are only unique in a single government registry so it is possible that you will see multiple matches for your name. Look at the location of the registry and the date of incorporation – if this is you, congratulations you have found your ALEI (or that of your trading partner if that was for what you were looking).

An Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (ALEI) is issued by a government register when a company is formed; it is the registration or file number (or combination of letters and numbers) on the company’s registration certificate. It is recorded in the government register along with the legal name and date of incorporation.

Use the steps below to find your ALEI and add the appropriate prefix to format it in accordance with ISO 8000-116.


Step 1 Select business entity register

First you will need to find the location of the registry. Every country has one and some countries have more than one, but you will only be registered in one. Registries are identified by a prefix formatted in accordance with ISO 8000-116. This prefix will be added to the registry number to create an ISO 8000-116 formatted ALEI.

Not able to identify the Business Prefix register?
Please Click here to inform eALEI Administrator with Incorporation document.


Step 2 Find your registration or file number

If you can find your original registration certificate, your registration number or file number will be printed on it. Before you provide it to your trading partner, you should check it with the government registry because this is what your trading partner is going to do. Not all government registries are available online and most that are available online are free to search. ECCMA keeps an updated list of the links to government registries and the one for the prefix you specified is:

On the site you are directed to:

1. Use the search options provided to enter the legal name or registration/file number of the organization

2. If multiple organizations appear with the similar name, select the correct organization from the list of results

3. Copy and paste the Registration/File Number in the field below

Note: If the selected business register is not displayed or accessible, you can enter the registration/file number from your document of formation and upload a scanned copy when registering.

able to identify the Legal name?
Please Click here to inform eALEI Administrator with Incorporation document.

- Online Record Available

- Online Register Available – Anonymous

- Online Register Available – Registration Required

- Online Register Available – In Local Language

- Online Register Available – Payment Required

Step 3 Your ISO 8000 ALEI is:

Note: When an ALEI is published on websites or documents it is recommended to place it between square brackets as displayed above.

You are done; congratulations! Your ALEI formatted in accordance with ISO 8000-116 is:

If you want to make it easier for your trading partners to verify your ALEI and your legal name, you can ask ECCMA to add your ALEI to by clicking on Add to button. ECCMA researchers verify the ALEI data with the government registry before they add it to, which can take one or two days. Please provide your email address so you can be notified when this is done.