Create and Register an ALEI

The ALEI is a free ISO/DIS 8000-116 compliant identifier that provides organizations with validated legal entity identification from the authoritative source.

ALEI consists of a pre-assigned prefix that identifies the nation and the official business entity register where an organization is legally registered, followed by the business registration or file number, as specified in ISO 8000-116.

Use the 3 simple steps below to create and register your ALEI.

Step 1

Select business entity register

Depending on which country an organization is registered in, there may be one or several registries. Each register has been assigned a prefix as specified in ISO 8000-116.

Your ISO 8000-116 ALEI prefix is:


Step 2

Find your Registration or File Number

Many business registers are available on-line. The button below will direct you to the entity search page of your business register (opens in new tab/window).

On the site you are directed to:

1. Use the search options provided to enter the legal name or registration/file number of the organization

2. If multiple organizations appear with the same name, select the correct organization from the list of results

3. Copy and paste the Registration/File Number in the field below

Click here to go to selected business register

Note: If the selected business register is not displayed or accessible, you can enter the registration/file number from your document of formation and upload a scanned copy when registering.

Step 3

Register ISO 8000-116 ALEI

To register an ALEI, additional information from the authoritative record is required. Please keep the record page opened in your browser to complete the required information.

Your ISO 8000-116 ALEI is:


Note: When an ALEI is published on websites or documents it is recommended to place it between square brackets as displayed above.


If you have any difficulty in creating your ALEI, request assistance here.